Company Profile

Gonzalez Steel Pty Ltd is a modern structural steel fabrication company that is situated in the Newcastle and Hunter region but services clients throughout regional New South Wales, Sydney and as far afield as Queensland.

With more than 35 years’ experience and knowledge in all different types of structural steel fabrication, drafting, surface preparation and erection, Gonzalez Steel is well equipped for any project large or small.

The Gonzalez name prides itself on employer loyalty, with the current high proportion of full time employed boilermakers and apprentices a testament to the quality of our workplace relations. It’s from this strong base that we have been able to expand and remain a dominant competitor in the fabrication industry.

The current facility in Pippita Close, Beresfield (for more information see the Workshops page) has enabled the company’s capacity to expand from one project manager and one workshop manager with a single workshop foreman to five project managers, two workshop managers and two workshop foremen. They manage a labour team of over 35 people ranging from apprentices to trade qualified boilermakers who have more than ten years’ experience in the industry. Weekly throughput ranges from 75 to 115 tonnes.

To address historic labour shortfalls in the sector, Gonzalez Steel manages a long running Junior Development Program in conjunction with the specialist Metal Fabrication and Welding course under the New Apprenticeship System, which was implemented in 2003. This reinforces the company’s dedication to its future stability and loyalty to the local employment market.

The company has built a wealth of experience in all types of structural steel fabrication work from simple heavy portal frame buildings to light framed architectural trusses constructed from pipe sections. Gonzalez Steel has fine-tuned its operations by realising the benefits of providing its own in-house surface preparation, painting and detailing to achieve an increase in service quality, time efficiency and cost competitiveness.

Our reputation is founded on more than the quality of the structural steel that we design, fabricate, prepare and erect. At Gonzalez Steel we maintain a consistent focus on building strong, beneficial relationships with all of our clients, suppliers and staff. It’s this dedication to being the best at every level of our business that has enabled us to become experts and leaders in our sector.

We craft exceptional structures built for your specific requirements, using advanced, manufacturing technology and optimised processes to ensure our clients receive the best value for their investment. Most importantly, we don’t do anything until we’ve taken the time and care to fully understand your project and confirm with you that our collaboration is fine tuned to precisely meet your needs.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation informs every step of our process, it is a fundamental value that guides us to put the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients ahead of any other concerns. We seize the opportunity to start each new undertaking from scratch, and using our comprehensive range of in-house services implement careful quality control throughout every stage of the project.

Why Choose Steel?


The strength-to-weight ratio found in steel is without compare, which is why it’s one of the most widely used structural materials in contemporary construction. It’s favoured by many for its exceptional load-bearing capabilities and its ability to be used creatively for a variety of architectural purposes while still maintaining structural integrity.


The abundant array of pleasing looks achievable with the use of steel based materials has led to it being a perennial favorite across many sectors. Steel can be integrated smoothly into most spaces and pairs well with a large range of materials including: concrete, brick, wood and glass.


Steel is worker-friendly, being relatively light and transportable. While wood and concrete are popular for many building applications, steel’s ability to be bent and shaped in a large number of creative manners makes it unique and very useful for non-linear designs, which will benefit greatly from the use of structural steel.


An increasing number of architects are opting to design with sustainable materials such as steel. Wooden framed houses require large numbers of felled trees to construct whereas steel manufacturing requires no wood at all. Steel is also entirely recyclable meaning it can be a great choice to help to protect our important and vulnerable ecosystems.