Architectural Steel

Gonzalez Steel excels in the fabrication and erection of Architectural Steel in modern builds to create iconic structures. We work both internally and externally, incorporating artistic metalwork features to create distinctive shapes and strong identity statements.

We have close working relationships with quality paint suppliers and a team of in-house painters that ensure every steel structure we fabricate is finished to the most precise and aesthetically pleasing standards.

Quality Finishes And Perfect Paint Jobs

At Gonzalez Steel we pride ourselves on our exacting attention to detail in everything we do. This is no more visible than with the workmanship applied to our architectural steel painting and finishes. Unlike structural steel, external steel is exposed to the elements and because of this needs to be finished with only the highest quality paint. This is so it can better withstand the weather and also to provide a superior visual quality. Because of our excellent supplier relationships we have access to the best quality paint available in Australia.

Qualified Supervisors For Guaranteed Craftsmanship

As well as using the best quality paint for architectural steel finishing, it’s vital that the work is carried out by skilled craftsmen. We ensure consistent quality across all our projects by hiring dedicated painting supervisors who are responsible for maintaining strict quality control. All Gonzalez Steel painting supervisors hold their Certificate III in Surface Preparation and Coating Application. This ensures that all in-house painting and surface preparation is carried out to the highest possible standard.

Proven Experience Creating Iconic Architectural Steel Structures

Our team of experienced steel fabricators have worked on a range of iconic, contemporary designs including the award winning Wynyard Walk Canopy in Sydney’s CBD at the entrance to the Wynyard tunnel. This exposed steel and glass structure was built around a cylindrical design. The finished result is an example of an innovative collaboration between the architect and Gonzalez Steel. Our fabricators were able to develop an efficient and buildable geometry that brought the architect’s vision to life.