RMS Steel

Gonzalez Steel has a proven track record of delivering quality assured steel fabrication and construction projects for the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). This work has assisted the RMS in its mission of building and maintaining essential road and transport infrastructure throughout NSW.

As well as delivering measurable outcomes to tight program schedules, Gonzalez Steel has achieved a high level of accreditation and quality control to ensure that all work carried out for the RMS is of the highest calibre.

Accredited Risk Management and Mitigation Processes

At Gonzalez Steel we prioritise risk management and mitigation. One of the ways we’ve implemented this is by achieving certification to AS 5131:2016 and ISO 9001.2015. As a key partner in the RMS risk mitigation strategy, we avoid the cost burden and any detrimental impact on project delivery of unscheduled delays, non-compliant materials, unqualified work or design.

Project Management Expertise For Consistent Project Delivery

To ensure that we provide the best service at the most competitive price we are committed to providing the highest quality steel products, precisely fabricated strictly within the program schedule. We achieve this through the employment of dedicated project managers who clearly communicate with the client at every stage of the project and provide regular reporting to hold ourselves accountable and keep the client updated on all progress.

Experience On Significant State Transport Projects

Gonzalez Steel has experience working with the RMS on several significant state transport projects including the Wynyard Walk, Martin Bridge and the Kangy Angy New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility. This fleet maintenance facility is designed to provide housing and maintenance for a fleet of intercity train. It also includes offices, amenities, staff parking and ancillary buildings.