Gonzalez Steel has a close affiliation with both local and interstate based erection companies.We have experience and expertise which encompasses an extensive and varied portfolio.

This includes the design, fabrication and erection of industrial plants, export terminals, high rise apartments, army barracks, athletics grandstands, shopping centres, hospital extensions, shopping malls, leisure centres and air force hangers.

We ensure that all erection works are carried out with the highest levels of approved health, safety and environmental requirements being met or exceeded at all times with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality project outcomes.

We have an excellent record of performance and cooperation in support of project deliverables and programs. Our past projects span a wide and varied spectrum from large simple framed buildings to complex exposed steelwork structures for the mining industry.

We design and fabricate creative solutions using efficient processes while always keeping constructability in mind as one of our top priorities. We bring a high level of innovation and attention to detail from the very first designs right through the manufacturing process, to ensure that there is a successful build completed when the project reaches the erection phase. Every connection is fine-tuned and correctly fitted. We don’t leave a single bolt unturned.