Steel Fabrication, Cutting & Drilling

Gonzalez steel has a comprehensive range of services delivered by a highly trained team of in-house steel fabricators with decades of combined experience.

We cater to the fabrication of complex trusses, hopper plate type structures and handrails from small 100 kilogram applications all the way up to 3,000 tonne contracts.

Our fabrication team is equipped with advanced skills and in-depth knowledge that keeps us at the leading edge of the steel industry. Our expertise and our commitment to quality ensures we complete all client work to the finest standards. We use streamlined process and the best equipment and materials to reduce costs and guarantee client satisfaction.

Quality is of the highest importance, which is why we rigorously inspect all our work throughout the fabrication process. Every piece of fabricated steel is checked and signed off prior to welding, preparing, painting and erection. Based on this approach Gonzalez Steel has built a reputation for producing the finest quality product on time and within budget.

Site Fabrication

In addition to our modular fabrication capabilities within our workshop, we are also experienced in providing custom tailored site fabrication services. We have our own large diesel generator for three phase power, 240 volt welder units and several scissor and boom lifts. With six utility cars and corresponding personnel, all structural steel welding and fabrication of site steel is accommodated for either as part of the structural steel package or as a separate service which may be hired at hourly rate or a lump sum price.

Whatever your site steel fabrication requirements, we will work closely with you and all your project stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome for your build.

Cutting & Drilling

Gonzalez steel services customers across the hunter, Sydney and beyond with state-of-the-art plasma cutting services and a comprehensive range of fabrication capabilities.

High definition plasma cutting off our beam line machine delivers an excellent level of accuracy, with a squarer cut, featuring cleaner edges and fewer distortions. Gonzalez steel fabricators offer the finest quality workmanship and an exceptional level of service, with the capacity to cut steel in house to your exact specifications.

As well as the cutting and drilling carried out in the course of our structural steel fabrication work, the beam line machine and operator may be separately hired for section processing of steel from your shop drawings.

HD Plasma Cutting:

  • Cutting thickness up to 50mm
  • High definition plasma machine for maximum edge squareness
  • Large cutting bed area
  • Bevelling any profile shape up to 45° in angle
  • Bevelled Edges and K-Bevelled Edges
  • High Definition Plasma Cut Materials
  • We offer all material grades for plasma cutting. If you’re looking for a material we don’t have in stock, we’ll try our best to source it.

Computer controlled drilling is an innovative process that uses automated numerical control to ensure ultra-precise. This process results in high precision drilling that yields exacting accuracy. Gonzalez Steel has invested in the latest drilling machine technology, using carbide tipped cutting and drilling tools to provide a comprehensive fabrication service.