Structural Steel Design & Detailing

Structural steel provides the essential framework around which the rest of the construction industry is built. The first and perhaps most critical steps in the structural steel fabrication process are the design and detailing.

Gonzalez Steel works through the design of projects directly with the client and has the resources to bring on board experienced engineers to ensure a cost effective and successful design is undertaken. For simple single storey structures the company has the experience and expertise to provide full service in-house managing every step from the design inception to handover.

We virtually construct a complete model of the design in our 3D modelling Tekla software which enables the project to be drawn in three dimensions and has the benefit of Tekla Bimsight, a 3D viewing software package. These models can be used by all stakeholders in the construction workflow to aid with the checking and erection process. Our in-house detailers have the capability to import the engineering models directly into Tekla, significantly improving efficiency.

Decisions made at the design stage influence every other step in the project and as such we are proud to stand behind the quality and exacting precision of all our design and detailing work.

What does a detailer do?

The primary job of steel detailers is to work off engineers’ and architects’ drawings and interpret their intentions. We then create our own unique drawings that focus on the steel components necessary for the structure. These detailed drawings include the specifications and location of each and every steel component in the entire structure. Total accuracy is crucial.

Shop drawings are created for our steel fabrication team and they show the specifications relating to every steel component that needs to be fabricated. These can include pieces such as the steel beams, braces, joists, trusses and columns. Shop drawings will include a comprehensive range of information including material and surface specifications, component dimensions and a number of details relating to welding, painting and bolting.

Erection drawings are extremely detailed diagrams created for our erection team who will erect or install all the fabricated steel components. These details include the precise location of each steel component included in the structure as well as instructions for their installation. The quality and accuracy of our erection drawings ensure that your project runs smoothly right through to the finish.


  • Detailed drawings for all parts
  • Detailed erection plans
  • Clear shop drawings
  • 3D sketches templates for rfi’s
  • Full-scale templates for complex layouts
  • Isometric details of complex connections