NCIG Coal Export Terminal (Kooragang Island)

Gonzalez Steel has completed a number of projects for the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, including a conveyor system at the Kooragang Island Coal Export Terminal.

This project involved coordination with concretors and other contractors to deliver key project components to a strict program.

The conveyors were built in the Gonzalez Steel workshops in fabricated units and painted using our 3 coat architectural level paint system. They were then shipped to the concretors site at Rutherford using special oversized transport including dollies and multi-wheel trailers to accommodate the weight and overall dimensions of the structure.

After having the floor concreted and sheeting attached, the whole unit was transported aty more than 100 tonne per module to the installation site at Kooragang Island. Quality was of utmost importance in this job. Every aspect of the fabrication, welding and surface treatment was carefully managed to ensure the longest possible lifespan of the structure. This involved the use of our dedicated welding supervisors and qualified paint supervisors as well as on call project managers to oversee the coordination of the project.

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