Wynyard Walk Canopy (Sydney)

The Wynyard Walk Canopy in Sydney’s CBD is an example of a significant state transport project delivered by Gonzalez Steel.

The project is an innovative exposed steel canopy which forms the entrance to the Wynyard Walk tunnel. The creative geometric shape of the canopy was created through a close collaboration between the architect and the steel fabrication team at Gonzalez Steel.

The canopy is comprised of an exposed structural steel and glass hood with a perimeter ring beam made from fabricated boxed plates which were curved in two directions. This ensemble was enabled through the fabrication of a bespoke secondary structure.The collaboration between Gonzalez Steel and the architect on the project, helped to develop a special geometric vision which was both buildable and also true to the original vision of the structure.

At every stage of the project the efficiency of the canopy’s geometry was tested through FEA modeling and then refined in consultation with Gonzalez Steel to ensure the best performance from the structure. In August 2018, Wynyard Walk was awarded the Engineering Excellence Award by Engineers Australia in the Infrastructure category.

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